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Sign the pledge

Sign the Pledge

Welcome to our growing group of business owners who are taking a proactive stand to defend bodily autonomy. By joining this determined group of businesses and signing this pledge, you are expressing your own strength and are inspiring others to do the same.

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As the representative of this business, I pledge to honor the privacy and freedom of my valued customers.

Therefore, I will not put myself or my employees in the position of enforcing any COVID-related behavior that is recommended or mandated for my customers by a local public health district or any other governmental body.

Such behaviors might include the wearing of a mask/facial covering; social distancing; or showing proof of various medical tests or procedures. A customer who chooses not to engage in such actions will never be denied entry into this business, denied service, or otherwise harassed while visiting. Furthermore, I will never require my employees or my patrons to provide proof of a COVID related injection.

I trust in my customers’ ability to make their own autonomous choices regarding their personal health*, and I also support their ability to keep their medical information private.


*While I support freedom of choice, I do reserve the right to ask any customer who is wearing a mask/facial covering to remove it for identification or security purposes.

Free Legal Support - Pacific Justice Institute

Thanks to a partnership between Liberty Beacon Network and Pacific Justice Institute, all pledge signers will be given priority access to FREE legal support from one of the premier conservative legal defense organizations in the nation.

Pacific Justice Institute has been specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties since it was founded in 1997 by attorney Brad Dacus. PJI is based in California and has offices in an expanding number of states (including Washington State), along with an impressive network of affiliate attorneys throughout the country.

Standing up for liberty is becoming increasingly challenging, and Pacific Justice Institute is committed to standing with you, as part of its specialization in the protection of religious freedom. Whether or not a pledge signer is religious, keeping services and products available to ALL consumers regardless of choices regarding vaccines, testing, or masks, still protects religious liberty. That is because many customers have made certain health-related decisions based upon religious faith. Often a denial of choice regarding health decisions is also a denial of the unfettered religious expression upon which this nation was built.

If you are a pledge signer and would like legal consultation related to the pledge or perhaps even legal representation, call Pacific Justice Institute at (916) 857-6900 and ask to speak to Chief Counsel Kevin Snider. Let him know that you are a member of Liberty Beacon Network.

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