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Carmen Glancy
Carmen Glancy
Carmen Glancy

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About Liberty Beacon Network

It all started when businesses were opening after the COVID-19 lockdown in Idaho, and many of our friends were asking who will and will not require masks to use their business.  We started a private chat to try and collect a list of businesses that were liberty minded.  We decided to take all the data that we had gathered for over a year and a half and put it into a directory.  The directory is for people who are interested in keeping their money with those businesses that value freedom.

Why the Search Engine

We want to make access to liberty-minded businesses simple and easy for anyone to find. We want to make sure that all of our users are real people and we do require verification for all of our users.

About the Liberty Beacon Network Pledge

Join the growing group of Idaho business owners who are taking a proactive stand to defend bodily autonomy. 

Members of our network trust in the customers’ ability to make their own autonomous choices regarding their personal health, and respect the right to medical privacy.

Business owners who sign the pledge will receive 3-star status on our listings which will increase visibility in the customer’s search results, and in the rotation for the “Business of the Week”.

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Help Us Grow the Network

We need your help getting referrals of those businesses that are liberty-minded.  We are looking for any of our 3 levels of liberty-minded businesses, with the hope that our users will be able to find those businesses they would support.

We also need to raise funds to build this site, and to continue to maintain the integrity of our lists and make the user’s experience simple and effective.

We want to add other services to the site as we grow, including liberty-minded business job postings, along with a complete resource directory for our amazing community.


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Liberty Beacon Network is Proud to Partner with the Pacific Justice Institute.

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